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Erik Natzke

Artist Biography

Erik Natzke is an artist, designer and programmer who gives material substance to his ideas through immaterial computer code. His work focuses on aesthetics and methodology, in which code and numbers generate beauty. Natzke uses programming to create his tools, colors and highly personal artistic vocabulary. Eschewing existing tools for creating digital color, he reaches directly into the source code, dips his fingers into the digital links, and like a contemporary alchemist, he creates all the colors he needs.

Natzke’s mission is to create a bridge between the physical and digital worlds through color. For Natzke, the creative process is not confined to the programming room, or to moments when he contemplates nature. Rather, it is a continuous lending and borrowing of shapes, patterns, colors, processes and dynamics between the material and immaterial worlds. Natzke loves to take risks and understands that the value of failure lies in discovering new, never-before conceived solutions. He lives with his wife and child in San Francisco.

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